Marta Morros

Translator and interpreter working from English and Japanese into Catalan and Spanish. She graduated in Translation and Interpreting at the UAB in Barcelona, Spain.

She began her professional career as a translator of animated series, films and documentaries. As well as skilfully handling audio-visual translation she posesses the necessary know-how to adapt translations ready for dubbing and has directed the dubbing of television advertisements. She went on to translate children’s books and naturally fell in with the toy market.

She has translated one hundred illustrated albums and has also written El sueño de Claudia.

Rita da Costa

Freelance translator with a degree in Translation and Interpreting by the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona.

A Portuguese-Spanish bilingual, she translates into both languages from English, Portuguese, Spanish and Catalan.

Her creative work extends to businesses in the toy market, audio-visual dubbing and literary translation.

She has translated over 150 books and is particularly passionate about chidren’s books.

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